Inspiration from Venice 2015

Venice Trip 2015 1079 (1)Walking along on Murano Island from ‘La Furnace’ where we had watched a glass blowing demo producing a very traditional, colourful and ornate piece of work which did not appeal to me at all. I thought to myself ‘we have amazing glass blowing in our own Margaret River Region!” Then I came across something which stopped me in my tracks. The Gallery of ‘The Scent Sisters”. A pond at the entrance of the Gallery with simple glass semi-spheres floating on the water. This was more my style. I took many photos of these simple semi-spheres and then excitedly hurried into the big, clear , contemporary Gallery of the Scent siblings, who made everything in their Gallery themselves, displaying their works in a clear, spacious and contemporary gallery that was so inviting. Two days later I discovered a printmaker advertising workshops. I had the most fantastic day creating prints from my own images of the semi-spheres that I’d photographed.


Venice Trip 2015 3813These simple, clear, round dome shapes inspired me to continue seeking this shape in all the church domes I found everywhere in I visited, from Venice to Chinqua Terra via Florence and on to Amalfi Coast ending my journey in the Eternal City of Rome and the magnificence of St Peters Cathedral.

It was like my own spiritual message discovered by ‘the chance of simply being there’. I think one has to leave one’s own comfort zone, to be aware and open to inspiration. i.e. that of something different that captures your imagination.

On my return home to Western Australia , I added the medium of Watercolour to further enhance these prints and it was with great enthusiasm that I displayed these new ‘inspirations’ at my own Open Studio for the 2015 Margaret River Region Open Studios event.

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