I qualified  as a Transpersonal Art Therapist with a Diploma, completed after 2 years study with the Ikon Institute of Australia in 2013. Together with achieved Pranic healing courses and practising as a full time Professional Artist for the past 28 years, I feel confident to conduct my own Private Practise.

Transpersonal Art Therapists acknowledge the spiritual realm of being that is beyond the personality itself, reaching a deeper dimension of self realisation, exploring the full authentic potential by using the powerful language of Art.

Ikon Institute of Australia refers to the works of the philosopher, the late Joseph Campbell, as a basis for much of their study.  During these past two years I have been particularly inspired by Joseph Campbell’s book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” for “from behind a thousand faces the single hero emerges, archetype of all myth”

The image ‘Tying Together’ is symbolic of my belief of connecting one to another, in order to enhance the whole. In Art Therapy, it is the process of Art making or the journey undertaken, that is of importance as opposed to the completed art product. Art has been around for 1000’s of years and  it is no surprise to find the essence of myths, symbols and therapy behind the art.

Having completed a Placement at the Margaret River High School, it is now my desire to weave the study of Transpersonal Art Therapy into the fabric of Education in all school situations. I am convinced that the expansion of the individual as a result of Transpersonal Art Therapy application would be considerate.